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Stepping into California Computer is more than just entering a computer store; it's stepping into a world of unmatched computer hardware expertise and cutting-edge technical solutions. Our devoted workforce is a monument to our dedication to staying at the forefront of the constantly changing tech scene, and together we have a fantastic track record spanning more than two decades as a top computer retailer.

Our store's remarkable collection of approximately 50 cutting-edge notebooks is tastefully presented for your viewing, and our large inventory features a diverse choice of reliable brands to suit any preference, perfectly capturing the essence of an all-encompassing PC store.

Beyond just the products we offer, we take great delight in turning our extensive technical expertise into tangible benefits for our valued customers. This sets us apart from the typical computer PC store. California Computer is here to fulfill and surpass your expectations, whether you're looking for the ideal laptop, exploring cutting-edge smart devices, looking for immersive digital displays, or boosting your network infrastructure. Your technological demands will not only be addressed but also exceeded, thanks to our all-encompassing approach to customer care and our focus on laptops, smart gadgets, digital displays, and network equipment. California Computer is the pinnacle of what a PC store should be, so come experience the synergy of knowledge, talent, and greatness for yourself.

At California Computer, we stock only the best computer parts and employ the finest technicians in the field. Whether you are in need of equipment for your up-and-coming tech startup or you’re just looking to replace your old laptop, our team is always ready to serve your technology needs.

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Laptop & Gaming Computers Distributor

We are a distributor of newly manufactured and refurbished laptops, gaming computers, tablets, and Apple products, proudly providing our customers with a diverse range of high-quality choices to suit their preferences and budgets.

Our selection of refurbished PC computers, laptop products, and accessories demonstrates our dedication to sustainability and enables customers who care about the environment to make wise technological decisions.

We regularly update our inventory to make sure that our customers have access to the newest advancements in laptops, gaming computers, tablets, and sought-after Apple devices. We do this with a close eye on staying ahead of technical trends.

Trade Up to a New Laptop or Desktop PC at California Computer!

Is your current laptop or desktop computer starting to run slowly or unpredictably? Has the battery life deteriorated so it doesn't hold a charge? Or maybe your needs have changed and you simply want a newer machine with better specs and more capabilities. Whatever the reason, now is a great time to trade in your used computer and upgrade to something better.

At California Computer, we make it easy to trade in your old laptop or desktop and put the value towards a new machine. We accept trade-ins on all major brands and models of laptops and desktops, regardless of age or condition. Even if it's broken or so old it has little monetary value, we'll take it off your hands for free recycling.

Trading in your computer rather than trying to sell it yourself has some big advantages. You'll save time by not having to deal with classified ads, meet up with strangers, or ship items. We'll also pay more than you'd likely get selling it independently. Our appraisers determine fair market value by assessing the make, model, specs, age and physical condition.

We'll provide a free quote for the trade in value and you can use that towards a brand new computer or accessory such as memory cards, hard drives, and more.

Don't wait until your computer stops working completely before considering an upgrade. Trade it in now while it still has value and before issues arise. Browse our wide selection of new laptops and desktops from top brands to find the perfect replacement. Configure it with the exact specs and features you want. Then use your trade-in credit to lower the price.

Trading in your old computer is eco-friendly too. We ensure devices are recycled responsibly to keep e-waste out of landfills.

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Network and IT Management

Our store is a laptop service center that caters to the network and IT management requirements of most computer brands. With the help of our team of knowledgeable technicians and IT professionals, we provide effective, specialized solutions that handle the intricacies of contemporary technology.

Our laptop service center goes beyond basic upkeep to ensure your devices and network systems function without a hitch to support your technical ambitions, whether you're looking for diagnostics, repairs, or optimization services.

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Sonicwall as Firewall

By utilizing a firewall in your network, you can empower your digital infrastructure with a robust layer of defense, preventing malicious traffic from infiltrating and compromising the critical resources it is designed to safeguard. This crucial security step not only strengthens the integrity of your network but also gives you the assurance that your data and sensitive information are protected from online threats.

The uninterrupted and secure operation of your network is ensured by a properly implemented firewall strategy, which creates a proactive barrier that continuously discovers and neutralizes potential hazards.

Featured Product & Computer Accessories Category

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