Los Angeles Apple Repair: Mac, Macbook, iPod, and iPad Support & Repairs Services

Apple creates products and devices that operate in a tight, locked-down ecosystem. The user-friendly hardware and software present few challenges for operation, but many when it comes to repairs and maintenance.

Our Apple Repair Center in Los Angeles provides repairs for the full suite of Apple hardware products including Macbook, Air, Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Studio, iPod, and iPad regardless of what happened to them.

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Your Recommended Apple Repair Provider in Los Angeles

California Computer’s Apple service center employs Apple-certified technicians with the training and knowledge needed to open your Apple hardware and make the changes you need.

Apple regularly refers its customers to California Computer’s Apple service center because the company can trust the quality of our services and our technicians’ expertise.

All Apple Hardware Products We Service

We cover nearly every Apple product on the market. Our Apple service center technicians are trained and equipped to handle:

● iMac

● Macbook Pro

● Macbook Air

● Macbook

● iPhone

● iPad

● iPod

No matter what your preferred Apple computer products are, our Apple service center in LA offers expert same-day repair to save you money on replacements and get your products back in your hands right away.

Never break the bank to buy a new Apple product before you finish paying for the last one again. Instead, repair your existing device to extend your device’s lifespan, continue using the phones and computers you love, and cut down the number of times you have to set up a new device.

Apple Devices California Computer Repairs

Services We Offer In-Store For Your Apple Devices

We cover a huge variety of Apple products, and our Apple service center also provides an equally large variety of services for Apple products. We pride ourselves on our breadth of experience and are ready to handle any issues that you approach us with.

Macbook and iMac Screen Repair Services

No matter how you happen to do the damage, dropped phones, tablets, and laptops often suffer from cracked screens. Rather than spend the money to replace your entire device, easily switch your damaged screen for a new one with our Apple repair service.

Data Recovery

If your iOS freezes or becomes corrupted, or your device is damaged beyond repair, our data recovery services will recover as much data as possible to provide continuity between the devices and make your transition to new hardware easier.

Upgrading RAM

To increase the life of your Apple products and boost performance so that you can keep up to date with modern software products and creative suite performance, our Apple service center can upgrade the RAM of your desktop devices. Invest a little more in the lives of your favorite machines.

Data Backup

We also provide data backups to prevent the worst from happening and preserve your most important work documents, art files, and digital photographs. Our data backup service is designed to give you peace of mind while you use your Apple products.

Locked Out of Device Repairs

If your Mac isn’t booting up or your iPhone screen won’t unlock, bring it to our Apple service center. Whether the operating system has locked up, the battery has run out of charge and won’t recharge when plugged in, or the screen is broken, we’ll diagnose and fix the problem.

With higher-quality support than any other Apple service center in the area, we’ll get your device back together and working better than ever before.

Mac Computers Hard Drive Repair & Replacement

If your hard drive becomes corrupted or damaged, bring your iMac or other Apple computer into our Apple service center. Whether you need to replace your SSD with a newer model offering faster loading or higher capacity or upgrade your system to a solid-state drive for the first time, our techs make it happen.

By safely transferring all of your data from one system to another, we make sure you can upgrade without a hitch as you make your great Apple products faster than ever.

Replace broken screens and sticky keyboards, fix performance in Macs that have been dropped and damaged, and more at our Apple service center.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Apple Repair Provider Like California Computer?

In most cases, you need to send your Apple products all of the way back to the factory when they break. Delays in shipping and mail times mean you could go without your device for weeks or months.

The factory also doesn’t have any obligation to you and your repairs beyond the absolute bare minimum of service. They don’t take the time to put the backups and safety measures in place that you deserve.

If you send them your device, they make it too easy to lose your valuable data, or they simply give up and send you a replacement model with factory data and none of your photos, videos, contacts, or stored files.

Quit starting from scratch with factory repairs and warranty-based replacements. Never buy a phone, laptop, or desktop after just a few years of service ever again. Instead, build new longevity and invest in your existing devices while maintaining a smart budget.

With California Computer, there’s no risk of losing your data. If your system is beyond the reach of our expert Apple-trained technicians, then we perform a full data recovery before we help you replace your model. This process ensures you get to keep all of your information no matter the results of your repairs or the damage to your machine.

You can let us do the repairs while you wait in the shop, with same-day repairs an option for many typical concerns. Never send your Apple products back to the factory ever again.

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Additional Computer Repair Services

California Computer offers far more than a repair facility for Apple products alone. We support ASUS, Lenovo, and other brands. Our massive inventory of in-store parts and staff certified across multiple companies’ hardware libraries make sure that no matter the problem, we can fix it.

Same Day Computer Repairs

We pride ourselves on same-day repairs, so you never have to wait for the mail and factory repair times to get your device back to you. Instead, shop around the area while you wait, and walk away satisfied that your Apple devices were in great hands.

In addition to repairs after accidents, we also help you protect your devices against problems in the future.

Hard Drive Destruction and Data Privacy Services

Whether you need to destroy a hard drive after a data transfer to protect your privacy, automate your home with the latest and greatest technology, back up your data, or protect your devices from malware and viruses, California Computer does it all.

Trade in Your Old Computer with California Computer

We also offer a suite of new devices to shop for while you wait for our technicians to perform your Apple repair. Trade in your old computer for a new one, if you decide the repairs aren’t worth it, and save on your upgrade while you transfer data right in the shop.

Call us at +1(800) 727-2552 to determine our location nearest you. We’re ready to answer any questions about your device, our Los Angeles, CA Apple repair services, and our prices.